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Raghav Khanna

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creative commercial photographer

I am a skilled commercial photographer & videographer with a passion for capturing stunning marketing shoots, stop-motion, vide and interior photography. I have worked with numerous renowned brands such as The Burger Club, Frozen Bottle, Brew House Ice Tea, Khan Chacha, and Twigly etc. My expertise also includes creating dynamic cinema-graphs that bring still images to life.


Costa Coffee, Vaango, Bikkgane Biryani, The Birger Club, Wat-a-Burger, Valley Culture, Tilt Wine, NYC.Pie Pizza, Nathus Sweets, Koolchas, Just Mex It, Mittal Teas, Wholly Being, Pure Foods Cookies, Ayurnosh, Andrea's Eatery, Keventers, Livin Nature, Brew House Icetea, Twigly, The Swinging Leaf, Nestle Kitkat, The Food Street, Jivika Naturals, San-cha Tea, Urban Halwai, Crown Greetings, Frolick Icecreams, The Cake Story, Rolls Mania, Burger Singh, De Casa Kombucha, Cadbury Bournville, Cafe Coffee Day, Little Black Book, Sociowash, The Social Story, Rasta, Limetray, The Digi Duck, The Social Booth,Uber UberEats, Studio Home

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